Working Abstract!

I wanted to put this out there in the world. It is my “working” abstract for my thesis installation and paper. It needs some work, If you notice anything that seems to be working or might need more clarification I would be happy to hear it.  I’m still considering how I might portray the science & process part about the actual installation work I will be doing but as of now, this is how it exists (Thanks Amy Lewis for the suggestion! And all of the other suggestions you gave during Thesis class today).


 We live in a degraded landscape. The environment, the air we breathe, our home has been altered to a state that can never be reversed. When Bill McKibben wrote, The End of Nature, he was observing, calculating, and responding to the idea of what nature was, is, and will be. The transformation that has occurred is on the most microscopic and macroscopic of levels—from CO2 parts per million in the atmosphere to how many mountain tops have been removed and ecosystems destroyed.

Artists have questioned their role, place, voice, and impact on society. It is critical that artists decide how their work exists in the world and how the work expresses the ideas that are most important. This body of work has examined materials, voice, landscape, experience, and complexity while questioning all of these things. Artists throughout history have examined the phenomena that happen in the world. Leonardo Da Vinci’s water studies are a starting point, a threshold into the discussion about the artist’s role in the world, and how a body of work can challenge artistic practice and purpose. This body of work is mimicry of environmental destruction and of the decay process. It is a copy, a remnant of what once was, a shadow of the degraded landscape.


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